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Noišvanšteino pilies įėjimo renovacija

Apie projektą

Objekto vieta: Füssen, Vokietija

Istoriniai faktai.
m. į Bavarijos sostą sėdo aštuoniolikmetis Liudvikas II. Netrukus po to Bavarijos Alpėse ant kalvos jis ėmėsi statyti šią nuostabią pilį. Įkvėptas padavimų, taip pat Richardo Vagnerio operų, kurios įkūnija vokiečių legendas, Liudvikas projektavo buveinę su bokštais, smailiais bokšteliais ir net dirbtine ola. Jos vidus dekoruotas ne vienu, bet keliais įmantriais stiklais. Pasakų pilimi valdovas džiaugėsi trumpai - praėjus vos 100 dienų po to, kai į ją įsikraustė, jis paskelbtas negalinčiu valdyti ir iškeldintas į kitą jam priklausančią buveinę, kurioje vėliau mirė.

Toliau aprašymas anglų kalba.

  • Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most famous sights in Germany with around 1.5 million visitors from all over the world – with correspondingly high maintenance costs.
  • As part of continuous renovation measures, the eastern gateway building was completely scaffolded whereby a temporary weather protection roof spanned the access to the castle.

Rangovo poreikiai

  • Work and safety scaffold including a temporary roof for pinpointing and documenting the damage to the facade and roof areas as well as for subsequent renovation work.
  • Adapting to local site conditions with countless structural extensions, projections and recesses along with circular tower scaffolding.
  • The exceptional location and the year-long influx of visitors meant that the entire scaffold assembly had to be carried out manually without telescopic handler and crane support.


BSB Bau- und Spezialgerüstbau Franke & Wagner GmbH, Schmölln

Kliento gautos naudos

  • Accelerated assembly work and increased levels of safety during scaffolding utilization due to the almost exclusive use of system scaffolding components.
  • No time-consuming tube and coupler operations for assembling the scaffolding and associated dangerous tripping hazards during subsequent scaffold use.
  • Significant savings in material utilization and installation efforts by optimizing the bay widths and spans with the weather protection roof – as a result of simple, safe and effective snow management by means of heatable Keder sheeting as a project-specific solution.
A portrait of Michael Koschorreck, Supervisor and Andreas Dölz, Site Manager; BSB Bau- und Spezialgerüstbau Franke & Wagner GmbH
Michael Koschorreck | Andreas Dölz
Supervisor, Site Manager

With the help of the PERI innovation in the form of the heatable Keder-sheeted roof, we could reduce the snow load and, in the process, cost-effectively realize the bridging and load transfer constructions – a result of the excellent collaboration with the PERI engineers who supported us from the planning stage through to implementation on the construction site. In spite of the difficult geometry of the building, we didn´t need any additional filler areas or overlaps due to the form-fitting and non-positive connection of PERI UP Flex. The scaffolding also visually leaves an impressive overall impression and reproduces the silhouette of the gateway building in an enlarged form. This has allowed us to meet the client´s requirements – which has been so successful that up to 8,000 visitors stand and marvel at the scaffolding every day.

PERI sprendimai

  • PERI UP Flex solution for the scaffolding and enclosure operations optimally adapted to suit local site conditions and static requirements.
  • On-going project support provided by PERI scaffolding specialists: from project-specific scaffold planning through to on-site assembly support.
  • For the first time in scaffolding: heatable roof tarpaulins as a project-specific solution ensure the prevention of unfavorable snow loads during the winter months.  

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